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I still have you covered, I am still able to help you out in exactly the same way, whether you need a Behaviour Consultation, Advice Session, 1:1 Training or would like to do my Puppy Course. There is the option for Telephone/Video or Outdoor sessions subject to COVID restrictions, with social distancing and hygiene measures in place.

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About Jo Hinds

Joanne is fully qualified Professional Dog Trainer APDT UK, Certified COAPE Animal Behaviourist DipCABT (QCF Level 4) and published author who uses modern, positive, science based training methods and she does not use or condone any aversive techniques, which include the use of choke chains, any other devices or handling methods that cause discomfort or distress in cats and dogs. She takes pride in making her training sessions fun and educational putting you as an owner and your pets needs first. She is here to help you develop the relationship you have with your canine and feline companions and help you understand why they do what they do. read more…

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“I would recommend Jo to anyone, a first time dog owner or an owner with a problem dog. She is very professional and friendly and explains everything so well. It’s also great to see how loving she is towards your dog. She teaches you and your dog in a fun and informative way. Booking Jo for her one to one puppy course was the second best thing we did after buying Alfie.”

Cilla Forkin

We have had our cocker, Charlie, since he was a puppy and he has been generally well behaved, apart from barking at strangers, other dogs and noises. Charlie was not only getting worse, his behaviour was becoming more extreme. Whatever we tried we could not change his behaviour.
We thought it is now time to call in a behaviourist and found Jo. She had the qualifications, good testimonials and lives locally to us, so we thought we would try her. She arrived on the appointed day on time and within a few minutes of meeting Charlie was able to explain that his problem is fear related anxiety. Jo’s method is to teach us as owners to see things from the dog’s perspective and to appreciate what is going through his mind. She taught us how to identify the stages of fear and anxiety that dogs show, many of the lesser ones we wouldn’t have spotted ourselves. Jo showed us how to build up Charlie’s confidence using play and feeding. We learnt how to use rewards whenever Charlie did the right thing, not as easy as it sounds because the reward has to be given at the right moment to be effective. Jo’s guidance was excellent.
As Charlie’s confidence grew and the reward system started to work, he began to quieten down at home and ignored people in the street. He had relapses but with patience on our part he continued to improve. He still shows he is a little uncomfortable with other dogs but at least we can now recognise the signs early and remove Charlie before he starts barking. I am sure with time he will overcome this.
Jo visited us three times and she doesn’t see the need at this moment for any more visits. We will continue with what Jo has taught us and it is nice to know she is there should we need her again. Throughout Charlie’s training Jo has been punctual, professional and knowledgeable and has a relaxed way with Charlie and us, his owners. We would happily recommend her.

Paul and Marie Lawrence

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