Canine Professionals Support

As a Dynamic Dog Practitioner I am fully trained to identify abnormal gait and discomfort in dogs. If you feel your clients dogs behaviour is related to discomfort I can support you both!

“A high percentage of dogs fear or aggression problems are due to pain or discomfort”

I work together with other canine professionals where pain and discomfort could be the contributing factor to their clients dog’s behaviour.

Often our clients have taken their dog to the vet and they get the all clear however as we know dogs are often tense at the vets and I am sure have high cortisol levels which we know put them in a fight/flight state masking issues. This makes it very difficult for vet professionals to identify a problem and usually it’s not until we see them out and about that the issue can be observed.

This is why doing a behaviour consultation along side a thorough gait and posture assessment works really well, I review the dogs gait and write a report on my findings which your client can provide to their vet.

“Atrophy in hind limbs, RF turned out, Thick thoracic sling, Circumduction of hind limbs, pronounced on RH, Minimal flexion in RH, Minimal flexion in stifle RH, Skipping on LH, Rotation of pelvic limbs”

A one off consult and an analysis with you and your client, can give complete clarity and help get the dog and guardian further help from their vet along side your continued support.