Dog Training

Would you like your dog to walk loosely on a lead

Would you like your dog to come when called?

Would you like your dog to stop jumping up?

If you are having a problem with any of the training issues above or would just like to do some training with your dog, then Joanne’s one to one sessions are definitely for you.

Joanne will work with you in your own home and in the places where you regularly exercise and walk your dog, this after all is where you need the control. Dog training classes are not always as affective or beneficial to dogs as we would like, they can be stressful for some dogs, cause further behaviour problems and what your dog has learnt in a confined class situation, is not always easy to transfer to where you regularly walk or exercise your dog. With one to one sessions you get the full attention of a trainer and get to work in your local area dealing with real life situations.

Initial session: £95 2 Hours 1 Hour

Follow-up sessions: £50