Puppy Support

Perhaps you are going to be a new puppy parent and want to get support in advance of getting your puppy or have got your new puppy and are struggling with your puppies toilet training, maybe they are not sleeping through the night or are they jumping up and biting. Have you had your puppy for a while and you have been to training classes and need support implementing your new skills in real world and behaviour support at home. What ever your needs Jo Hinds has a programme below that can support you at what ever point you are in your journey.

Looking for quick advice?

Overwhelmed with conflicting advice regarding your puppies behaviour? Would you like tailored advice for your specific puppy issue or training need?

These 30 minute calls with Jo Hinds for just £45 will set you off in the right direction.

How does the puppy programmes work?

Jo Hinds works with you on a private one to one basis, in your home and where you plan to regularly walk your puppy working in real life situations. Jo provides you all the advice, emotional support and vital training skills you need to help your puppy fit into your family and is successful in socialising with other dogs and people and copes with everything the outside world throws at them.

A summary of what is included:

  • Understanding body language
  • Essential foundations of puppy training
  • How to communicate with your puppy
  • How to prevent aggression problems later in life
  • Socialisation and processing
  • Support with current behaviour issues
  • As part of the Precision and Revelation programmes you also get FULL ACCESS to Jo Hinds Online For Pups Sake Academy

Jo Hinds can support you as your puppy grows, so not only do you get just the foundations at the beginning, you actually get a support network that is going to really look after you and your puppy throughout all the key stages of puppyhood, adolescents and into adulthood.

Puppy biting video

What is covered on the programme?


Understanding Body Language
Preventing Aggression
Feeding and Diet
Outlets for Natural Behaviours
HandlingToilet Training
Jumping up
Appropriate/Inappropriate dog play
Any other specific problems that arise


Signal of reward
Hand Targeting
Loose Lead Walking
Door dashing
Leave it

The course is flexible and is tailored to your puppies specific needs.

“We booked a Precision Puppy Course with Jo and we are so glad we did! We found the whole experience rewarding and informative and both we and our Cockapoo puppy Archie learned loads. Jo was great fun to work with, patient and knowledgeable. There are so many aspects of the course we enjoyed. “

— Anton & Elizabeth Zuccaro, London

For Pups Sake Puppy Programmes


2 x private 60 minute face to face sessions
Unlimited message support between sessions
Videos and PDFs on subjects covered

2 x Enrichment activity videos from the online syllabus


4 x private 1 hr face to face sessions
Full access to Jo Hinds Online For Pups Sake Academy
Unlimited message support between sessions

Exclusive Facebook Group
Video Analysis
Detailed Lesson Plan


6 x Private 90 Min face to face Sessions
Full access to Jo Hinds Online For Pups Sake Academy
Unlimited support between sessions
Exclusive Facebook Group
Video Analysis
Detailed Lesson Plan

Unlimited direct message support up to your puppies first birthday.

Get started on your puppy training today!

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