Puppy Advice & Training

Puppy biting video

Book in advance for before or when your puppy arrives, don’t wait until problems arise in the future, it’s much easier to prevent behaviour problems rather than correct them, future proof your puppy now! Training can start as early as 8 weeks the sooner the better, this is why Jo Hinds sessions start off either by phone/video or in your home where there is no risk to your unvaccinated puppy. Puppy ownership is not just about training, there are many behavioural aspects that need to be carefully managed to ensure you have a confident and confident well balanced dog, that does not resort to aggression towards people, dogs, vehicles or other animals, is not destructive or anxious when left alone and lives in harmony with you and your family. Jo Hinds offers the following options below to choose from for all your puppies needs.

Joanne offers three different solutions for your puppy or adolescent puppies training and behaviour needs select on the tiles below: