Puppy Training

Book in advance for when your puppy arrives, don’t wait until problems arise future it’s much easier to prevent behaviour problems rather than correct them, future proof your puppy now! Training can start as early as 8 weeks the sooner the better, this is why Jo Hinds sessions start off in your home where there is no risk to your unvaccinated puppy. Puppy ownership is not just about training, there are many behavioural aspects that need to be carefully managed to ensure you have a confident and not fearful well balanced dog, that does not resort to aggression towards people, dogs, vehicles or other animals, is not destructive or anxious when left alone and lives in harmony with you and your family.

Puppy Advice Session 

This is a 1.5 – 2 hour session, where Joanne will come to your home providing advice and guidance on living with your puppy and preventing behaviour problems for the future, covering topics such as; Toilet/House Training, Puppy Biting/Mouthing, Separation problems/leaving puppy alone, Puppy Chewing, Jumping Up, Effective Socialisation, Body Language, Growling/Barking and Biting, Fear, Mental Stimulation, Understanding your breed/cross breed, and answering any other questions or concerns you may have.
Price £95

Puppy Course

Joanne will work with you and your puppy, in your own home and outside in your local area, where you will be regularly socialising and exercising your puppy, this is where you will need the help the most. This course covers all the above in the puppy advice session, along with practical training techniques and more, the sessions are flexible and are tailored to your puppies specific needs, see below for course details.

Session One – Behaviour Advice

  • Body language/preventing aggression
  • Confidence/Socialisation
  • Mouthing/Biting
  • Outlets for natural instincts such as chewing, digging,  foraging and more…
  • Drop and Trade
  • Signal of reward
  • Recall – Stage One & Two
  • House/Toilet Training

Session Two

  • Separation related behaviours
  • Jumping up/Barking
  • Settle
  • Recall – Stage Three
  • Loose Lead walking

Session Three

  • Recap and strengthen behaviours
  • Recall – Stage Four
  • Appropriate/Inappropriate dog play
  • Stay
  • Check in

Session Four

  • Recap and strengthen behaviours
  • Recall – Stage Five
  • Leave it
  • Law

Four Sessions – Initial Session 2 hours. Supplement leaflets, telephone and email support included throughout the course.
Price £240

Telephone/Video Advice

Phone and video advice maybe all the support you feel you need. Typical Subjects include:

Puppy Pre-purchase advice – What type of puppy would suit youHow to avoid becoming an unintentional victim of puppy farming, Selecting the right puppy, Collecting your puppy – the journey home, The first week – settling your puppy and more.

Puppy Consultation – Covering any aspect of puppy training and up bringing. Content is tailored to your specific needs, popular topics include: Advice on socialisation, Toilet training, Nipping, Jumping up, Crate Training, Chewing and more. This is a pre-arranged chargeable service you must contact me using the booking form below to arrange an appointment for this service.

Please note not all behaviour problems can be dealt with over the phone.

30 Minutes1 Hour