Puppy Programmes

Are you struggling with your puppies toilet training, maybe they are not sleeping through the night or are they are jumping up and biting. Perhaps you are going to be a new puppy parent and want to get support in advance of getting your puppy or you may have had your puppy for a while and are needing support with your training skills. What ever your needs Jo Hinds has a programme that can support you at what ever point you are in your journey.

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How does the puppy programmes work?

Jo Hinds works with you on a private one to one basis, in your home and where you plan to regularly walk your puppy working in real life situations. Jo provides you all the advice and vital training skills you need to ensure your puppy is successful in socialising with other dogs and people and copes with everything the outside world throws at them. Supporting you on your puppy on this journey, as owning a puppy can be an emotional roller coaster at times.

In the programme Jo will cover:

  • Understanding body language
  • Essential foundations of puppy training
  • How to communicate with your puppy
  • How to prevent behaviour problems occurring later in life
  • Access to Jo Hinds Online For Pups Sake Academy

Jo Hinds can support you as your puppy grows, so not only do you get just the foundations at the beginning, you actually get a support network that is going to really look after you are your puppy throughout all the key stages of puppyhood, adolescents and into adulthood.

Puppy biting video

What is covered on the course?


Understanding Body Language
Preventing Aggression
Feeding and Diet
Outlets for Natural Behaviours
HandlingToilet Training
Jumping up
Appropriate/Inappropriate dog play
Any other specific problems that arise


Signal of reward
Hand Targeting
Loose Lead Walking
Door dashing
Leave it

The course is flexible and is tailored to your puppies specific needs.

How are the sessions carried out?

Jo Hinds works with you and your puppy, in your own home and outside in your local area in real life situations, where you will be regularly socialising and exercising your puppy (COVID restriction dependant).

Can this be carried out by Telephone or Video?

Yes absolutely it can be, the benefits from this kind of session is that some puppies act differently when visitors are there, therefore remotely observing your puppies behaviour allows me to really see what is going on. I also serve in person Covid restrictions and location dependant.

How much does it cost?


This unique 4 week programme is designed to not only help new  puppy owners, but also for those  who are waiting for their puppy to arrive. Our programme focuses on helping you navigate issues that  arise during this important first stage in your puppy’s life, enabling your puppy to settle into its new family.

4 Weeks of support
2 private 1 hour sessions
Direct support between sessions
Videos and PDFs on subjects covered

2 x Enrichment activity videos from the syllabus


This 8 week programme not only covers everything found in the ‘Inception’ programme, but  enables Jo to dive even deeper into helping you understand the behaviour and motivating factors of your puppy. Teaching you the practical skills necessary to support your puppy through these important initial stages.

8 Week Programme
4 private 1 hour sessions
Access to PDF handouts and 55+ Video Tutorials
Direct support between sessions

Exclusive Facebook Group
Video Analysis
Detailed Lesson Plan


This 8 week programme includes everything found in the ‘Precision’ and ‘Inception’ programmes, a long with added support until your puppy is 12 months. This enables Jo Hinds to help you through all the puppy development stages, from the critical period of socialisation, to the juvenile and adolescence stage, right up to adulthood.

8 Week Programme
4 Private 1 Hour Sessions
Life Time Access to PDF handouts and 55+ Video Tutorials
Direct support between sessions
Exclusive Facebook Group
Video Analysis
Detailed Lesson Plan

2 extra private 1 hour sessions that can be booked in anytime before your puppy reaches 12 months
Direct message support up to your puppies first birthday.

15% OFF for payment upfront instalment plan available