Overseas Rescue Dog

Have you recently welcomed a rescue dog into you life from overseas and are now starting to see some behaviours you have concerns about….

  • Hiding away in some part of your house
  • Barking at every noise they hear
  • Not sleeping through the night or resting in the day
  • Startled by movement
  • Nervous of strangers or other dogs
  • Restless
  • Growling/biting

or perhaps you want to get support with your new rescue before behaviour problems occur.

It can be highly stressful for you too and what you envisage when getting a dog becomes a completely different picture, this can leave you overwhelmed and concerned whether you have made the right decision or worried you are going to do more damage than good.

Jo Hinds can provide support to make the transition for you and your new dog less stressful helping them adjust to their new home and the environments where you plan to take your dog.

Sadly a lot of people with the best intentions can overwhelm dogs that have come from the street, kennels or another home, to make up for what they have missed in their previous homes or lives. This can have detrimental consequences on the dogs behaviour. Its essential to help them adjust to enable them to relax and in turn this will enable you too.

Jo Hinds works with all rescue dogs specialising in working with street dogs rescued from abroad, some of the dogs she has already work with have come from countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Macadonia, Hungry, Cyprus, Ukraine.

“We’ve worked with Jo with our Massively Reactive Rommie Rescue Freddie ( hater of joggers, dogs on lead and cyclists +) and Pepper our other Rommie Rescue for the last few months – we’ll be checking in with her sadly only occasionally now as Jo has worked wonders!!To say Jo is Excellent is a Huge Understatement!! She has been instrumental in turning us and the dogs around!! She is really insightful, diplomatic and her guidance is superb!! If you and your dog need training I have no hesitation in recommending her!! Thank you Jo and we will all stay in touch!! Huge hugs, Guy, Carolyne, Pepper, Freddie and Daisy the cat ( who’s life you’ve changed without knowing and made happier and way easier! )”

— Guy Press, London

“I cannot recommend Jo Hinds highly enough despite lockdown Jo was a lifeline via zoom. Our Romanian rescue had some behavioural issues we were struggling with which I am happy to say having worked with Jo remotely and putting in place her advice/training have turned our once fearful, anxious dog into a happy, well balanced, well behaved dog. Having read numerous training books nothing compared to the knowledge/advice Jo gave, who totally understands the needs of rescues and trained me along with the dog in how to approach training for which I am truly grateful.”

— Vicky Ford

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