New Rescue Dog Advice

Advice Session
  • 90 mins

Do I need expert advice?

Whether you have taken on a rescue dog from the UK or abroad, Jo Hinds can provide support to make the transition for you and your new dog less stressful helping them adjust to their new home and the environments where you plan to take your dog. Sadly a lot of people with the best intentions can overwhelm dogs that have come from the street, kennels or another home, to make up for what they have missed in their previous homes or lives. This can have detrimental consequences on the dogs behaviour. Its essential to help them adjust to enable them to relax and in turn this will enable you too. It can be highly stressful for you too and what you envisage when getting a dog becomes a completely different picture, this can leave you overwhelmed and concerned whether you have made the right decision or worried you are going to do more damage and good.

Jo Hinds works with all rescue dogs but also specialises in working with street dogs rescued from abroad, some of the dogs she has already work with have come from countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Macadonia, Hungry, Cyprus.

What are the common issues covered?

  • Settling them in
  • Sleeping
  • Mental and environmental stimulation
  • Exposing them to their new environment
  • Socialising with people and other dogs
  • Helping them trust and bond with you
  • Responding to name
  • Preventing aggression
  • Other concerns or problems

How are the sessions carried out?

Jo Hinds works with you and your new dog, in your own home and outside in your local area, where you will be regularly socialising and exercising your puppy (COVID restriction dependant) or via virtual video sessions.

Can this really be carried out by Telephone or Video?

This solution works really well, I can advise everything that I would in person, benefits from this kind of session is that a dog that is settling does not need the upset of visitors initially and some dogs act differently when visitors are there, therefore remotely observing your dogs behaviour allows me to pick up anything that I think needs addressing or see what is going on with a particular behaviour. Most advice does not require me to see the dog at all.  This service has been set up for everyone that needs help no matter where you are based UK or abroad. I can provide advice using different media: Telephone, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and more. I am flexible with technology and can use whatever method best suits you.  This facility also can offer cost savings due to removing the need for time for my travel to you.

How does payment work?

The price shown for home visits is within a 20 mile radius of HA4 6UD. If you live further away please call for a quote for your area.

How you pay for home visits: I take payment in full to secure all appointment slots in the diary.

Telephone/Video Sessions: Payment is taken in advance by bank transfer or paypal for the appointment to be confirmed.