Telephone/Video/Virtual Sessions Available

Puppy and Dog Training Sessions and Pet Behaviour Consultations are available via telephone and video. With social distancing being of great priority at the moment, this is the ideal solution to enable you to get help now rather than waiting for the behaviour to get worse. This solution works really well, I can advise and teach everything that I would in person. Even issues relating to dog to dog aggression or being wary of strangers can be dealt with in this manner, as the initial training has to be worked on outside of these situations working with the threat at a distance. With social distancing in place it is actually a perfect time to work on helping your dog cope in a different way. These are perfect even if you are just looking for a bit of advice from a professional that you have been trying to search for on the internet, forums, books and from other owners, but are finding information conflicting and do not seem to help your individual problem. Other benefits from this kind of session is that some pets act differently when visitors are there as they find change difficult, therefore remotely observing your pets behaviour allows me to really see what is going on.  

This service has been set up for everyone that needs help no matter where you are based UK or abroad. I can provide advice using different media: Telephone, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Skype and more. I am flexible with technology and can use whatever method best suits you.  This facility also can offer cost savings due to removing the need for time for my travel to you.


You would first complete my contact form providing me with a brief summary of your pets history, the detail of his current problems, and stating that you require a telephone or video consultation. I would then contact you to confirm a time that suits you for the session and send a link to a pre questionnaire. You pay in advance of the session via Bank Transfer.

On the session, we discuss the issues you are having, identify your specific needs and then I advise you what to put in place. 

Further to the call itself, I encourage email updates on your companion animals behaviour so that we can make any adjustments necessary.