Ask the dog by Joanne Hinds cover page mum and son asking a owner and the dog whether they are happy to be stroked

Book Title: Ask the Dog
Genre: Children’s Book
Author: Joanne Hinds
Publication Date: 25/06/2019
Publisher: Amazon
ISBN-13: 978-1-0915-9291-9

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Ask the Dog is a little children’s book with a big message, aimed at helping parents and children understand when to stroke a dog. It encourages children to make sure any dogs they encounter are happy to be touched, and how to recognise signs that a dog may not want to be approached. The message is delivered in the form of a poem. Colourful, simple illustrations to draw in young readers and help underline the points made in the text.

Book Title: What Dogs Like
Genre: Children’s Book
Author: Joanne Hinds
Publication Date: 10/08/16 2nd Edition 2021
Publisher: Joanne Hinds
ISBN: 9798731352994

What Dogs Like a story in rhyme with an important safety message on bite prevention. Nearly 80% of dog bites are from the family or a friends dog. Written as a read-along-rhyme with illustrations, What Dogs Like cleverly helps educate young people as well as their parents, on how to behave around their canine friends.