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Brown French Bull Dog Puppy Facing forward

Puppy Training

Are you looking for guidance on how to prepare for puppies arrival. Want to start off on the right track with your puppy preventing behaviour problems in advance? Or are you having a few issues with your puppy and need specialist support to get you back on track.

Dog Training and Behaviour

Perfect for addressing a range of training or behaviour concerns, whether it’s lead walking, recall, or hyperactive behaviour or jumping up. If you have an anxious dog that is fearful of going outside, a picky eater, or a dog displaying problem behaviours such as lunging, barking, snapping, or biting, all these packages are tailored to meet your needs.

Rescue Dog Behaviour and Training

Have you recently welcomed a rescue dog into you life from the UK or overseas, feeling a little overwhelmed and are now starting to see some behaviours, you have concerns about or perhaps you want to get support with your new rescue before behaviour problems occur.

Did you know….

Approximately 80% of dog behaviour cases have some kind of underlying pain or discomfort at the heart of their issues.

Pain can not always be identified in a veterinary environment fear and even excitement can mask pain.

Contact me to discuss the Dynamic Dog Assessment.


Alfie – Labrador

Our whole training experience with Jo was brilliant. Her sense of humour made it fun to do and we thought of it as training for ourselves not just for “Alfie” our 4 month Labradoodle!! Her refreshing approach to training was a bit of an eye opener for us. She explained the psychological aspects of dog behaviour we had never even considered. The body language of dogs was extremely interesting. She always was at hand by phone,text which was very supportive. The modern positive methods proved very successful and our old fashioned ideas we had were soon put to bed. We would definitely recommend Jo to anyone who wishes the training without question. The days spent out in the local park proved successful and was essential in our opinion which added some variety. Jo always gave more than we expected especially with regard to time taken to explain or demonstrate a point. All in all it was a great experience which we could not have coped without. Thank you Jo.

Andy and Tina Foyston


Pan – Spanish Rescue

Jo is without a doubt the best, most current, most knowledgable trainer and behaviourist I have ever worked with. When we first got our lovely Spanish rescue dog, Panhandle, I was given very poor advice by another ‘behaviourist’. Everything they told me to do made her worse! She was becoming more and more stressed, barked at people in the street, lunged at dogs and I was getting injured (accidentally) by her on a daily basis. I did everything I was advised to do and nothing helped. By the time I had my first visit from Jo, I was exhausted, sore, in tears and ready to give Pan up (*sob!!)

From the very first behaviourist session with Jo, Panhandle showed signs of improvement. Jo is so kind, never judgemental and explains everything so clearly. NOT all behaviourist are the same!! The people I used before, I now know, are extremely out of date and out of touch in their (always reward based, but not scientific or even logical) methods. 

If anyone wants to message or ask me anything about my experience with the first trainers and how Jo was so different then please feel free!

Cassie Collings

Stela – Romanian Rescue

I cannot recommend Jo Hinds highly enough despite lockdown Jo was a lifeline via zoom. Our Romanian rescue had some behavioural issues we were struggling with which I am happy to say having worked with Jo via zoom and put in place her advice/training have turned our once fearful, anxious dog into a happy, well balanced, well behaved dog. Having read numerous training books nothing compared to the knowledge/advice Jo gave who totally understands the needs of rescues and trained me along with the dog in how to approach training for which I am truly grateful. Thanks Jo.

Vicky Ford

Jo Hinds is also a Children’s book author on dog bite prevention


Poorly Fitted Harnesses

Harnesses are like a pair of shoes, a badly fitted one can effect movement, rub and generally be uncomfortable. This can impact how dogs walk, their behaviour in general on the lead and for puppies how they grow. It can encourage pulling to…

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Number of dogs Jo has worked with: 2798
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We booked a Precision Puppy Course with Jo and we are so glad we did! We found the whole experiencerewarding and informative and both we and our Cockapoo puppy Archie learned loads.

Jo was great fun to work with, patient and knowledgeable. There are so many aspects of the course we enjoyed and learning about dog body language was very interesting and showed us how much communication with Archie we were missing out on.

The one-to-one sessions which we were able to tailor to our needs meant we really got the most out of the course. We found the ‘field trips’ to local parks really useful and being able to practice what we were learning in real-life scenarios was so helpful in not only training Archie but boosting our confidence as first-time dog owners as well.

Jo also helped us with advice on the best items to buy for Archie. There is such a wide range of products you can buy, being able to speak to someone as knowledgeable as Jo about what works and what doesn’t, saved us both time and money.

We would thoroughly recommend Jo to anyone who is contemplating a training course (in fact, we already have!).

Anton and Elizabeth Zuccaro

Joanne Hinds was recommended to me by another APBT trainer. She has been extremely helpful to us, and definitely deserves a 5***** review. We live too far away for visits, but her email advice has been really useful. We have a 14 year-old African Grey parrot who suddenly started plucking her feathers, and chewing her feet – really badly, until bleeding. Vets have been involved, and it’s still not clear what the exact cause has been. The bird has had to wear a large collar for some months to prevent her plucking, and allow her feathers to grow back. Joanne took a very detailed history, and has had some very good suggestions as to how to entertain the bird while less mobile than usual because of the collar. She also suggested behavioural changes which might help in general, with regard to: cage position, how to keep her occupied with effective use of, and ideas for new, toys, food-foraging rather than just offering food in bowls, and teaching her useful new commands. We are not out of the woods yet, but the bird’s collar comes off in about 10 days, and we have great hopes. We have been very impressed with Joanne’s broad knowledge of animal psychology.

S Vaughan

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