Do you take water out for your dog on their walks?

What ever the weather, it’s always important to take water out with you for your dog on walks. Dogs get thirsty the same as us and often are running about more. You might say “but my dog doesn’t drink on walks”, continue reading to find out why that might be. If you don’t have water…

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Poorly Fitted Harnesses

Harnesses are like a pair of shoes, a badly fitted one can effect movement, rub and generally be uncomfortable. This can impact how dogs walk, their behaviour in general on the lead and for puppies how they grow. It can encourage pulling to alleviate pressure or the position of the D ring can cause them…

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What Dogs Like

Jo Hinds children’s book What Dogs Like is out, written due to the high percentage of dog bites to children that could be avoided, if the dog owning communities recognised the early signs a dog is not comfortable.

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Banish the Food Bowl

There are many behaviour problems that can be resolved in our dogs by just providing them outlets for natural behaviours. One way of doing this is by feeding them as close as we can, to how they would naturally eat.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Jo. 

I’m a passionate dog trainer and behaviourist who wants to help you find the fun and joy in being a dog parent. I’m here to help you understand your dog. I’ll guide you through laying solid foundations so that you and your dog can handle whatever life throws at you with confidence. 

I also help dog trainers nail the foundations of puppy training, taking your knowledge beyond basic training onto behaviour so that you can help more puppies and owners with certainty.

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