Useful Equipment

This page is designed to quickly access some of the products that I have used and often talked about during my sessions, the content on this page will be forever changing as new and improved products come on the market. These products are my preferences but all people and dogs are different and what suits one may not suit another.

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Silicone Treat Pouch – I find this dog treat pouch from Dexus really useful, I don’t clip it on my belt as I do not want the dogs I am working with fixated on it but it’s excellent to stick in your pocket and to get the treats out easily and most importantly quickly. It is really hygienic too really easy to wash. No more smelly treat bags. Available in many colours.

Double Ended Dog Lead – I love this lead by Mekuti, I have used it for many years and have not gone for another. The softex material it is made out of, means it’s kind on hands even with the strongest of pullers. This lead comes in two thicknesses and 3 lengths 2m, 2.5m (my general lead) and 3m. This can be used on a two point harness or just as a longer lead as you can turn one end into a handle my favourite way of using it. The same as other double ended leads you can change the length of the lead too by clipping to different points on the lead.

Mekuti double ended leads

Recall Lead – If you want a reliable recall i.e. your dog coming back when you need them too. You need one of these, you need to be 100% sure they will come back before letting them off. If you start off with them off lead and then they learn not to respond to your come request you will have a dog that rehearses not coming back to you because they can. Again like the Mekuti lead this is made of softex material kinder to your hands. It comes in different lengths but I work with the 10m length one.

All Day Adventure Harness – This is one of my go to harnesses from Ruffwear, it’s a really good all rounder. Really easy to clean robust and water proof. Comfy fit and smart too.

Perfect Fit Fleece Harness – Another great harness which is fleece lined making it more comfortable for the Dog especially with short fur or delicate skin. Good for the dogs that get cold out there but be careful in the summer as this harness can make some dogs sweat and if your dog suffers from skin problems the extra moisture could make it worse. What’s really good about this harness is it comes in three pieces which means it can be perfectly fitted to your dogs shape and size and you can send back the individual pieces to get the sizing right.

Perfect Fit dog harnes blue and black three piece

Escape Proof Harness – This is a great Harness from Ruffwear for the Houdini Dogs of this world, the three straps means if fitted correctly the third belly one cannot come over the dogs chest. Obviously nothing is ever fool proof so I often use this in conjunction with the halti link below.

Safety Link – Although not specifically designed for this purpose I find this halti link useful for attaching a dogs collar to their harness especially for the Houdini types. Simply slip the looped end through the harness closest to your dogs collar and then use the clip end on your dogs collar ring. This comes in different sizes.

Settle Mat – I love this although it’s labeled as a crate mat, they make great settle mats, they can be rolled up to take with you to friends, pubs, cafes, restaurants and can double up as a shallow snuffle mat, anti slip backing and washable cover.

Dog Water Bottle – It’s important to always ‪remember to take out water for dogs in all weather they get thirsty in the cold too! Some dogs like dirty water, others have no other option. This effects training mouths will be dry causing reluctance to take treats & then the treats & what your are teaching is no longer rewarding.‬ This water bottle is a great design with a hook to take with you where ever you go.

Muzzle – I believe every dog should be trained to wear a muzzle and like having it on, yes this is possible. All dogs have the potential to bite especially those in pain. It’s much better to train a dog to enjoy wearing one, rather than having to force it on when your dog may already be stressed after a road traffic accident for example. Muzzles are used for many different reasons these days even for dogs that constantly pick up and eat things from the floor when out on walks. It is vital you go for the plastic basket type muzzles as the material ones mean dogs cannot pant and usually dogs wearing them are stressed and need too. The Ultra Muzzle allows them to pant, drink and even has an area that allows dogs to take treats.

Car Harness – It is important to have your dog/puppy safely restrained in a car for your safety as well as your dogs. There are many harnesses that are out there but you must always go for one that is actually crash tested. The Ruffwear Car Harness is one that is highly recommended.

My Utility Jacket – I often get asked about the jacket I wear because people are surprised the equipment I can be carrying on me. There are so many pockets on this jacket I feel like the Mary Poppins of the dog world. I carry my long line, leads, freedom handle, dog toys, Poo bags, business cards and more in it, this is one of my best buys.Mud DaddyGreat to wash your dogs paws off but ensure you get them used to it positively first and excellent for washing muddy boots. I keep this in my car. It also comes in useful for trips to the beach, washing sand off etc

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