Cat Behaviour

Do you have a cat that is…

…Urinating or defecating around your home?

…Scratching or biting people?


If you are having issues with the above or any other problem, then a behaviour consultation is required…….behaviour problems can be very frustrating and stressful for any owner, thats where Joanne comes in.

Many behaviour problems can stem from underlying health problems i.e. cats urinating in the house can have bladder problems, cats that are aggressive when being handled could have some underlying medical problem, so it is important to have a vet check over your cat first before getting a behaviour specialist in, which could ultimately save you money.

Contact me below and we can arrange a convenient appointment where I can visit you and your pet in your own home to assess the problem, discuss your goals and formulate a retraining or behaviour modification programme. On-going support and help is regarded as an important part of the process..

£147  1.5 hour consultation