Frequently Asked Questions

How are the sessions carried out?

Jo Hinds works with you and your new dog, in your own home and outside in your local area, where you will be regularly socialising and exercising your dog (COVID restriction dependant) or via virtual video sessions.

What does a consultation entail?

A pre-questionnaire is sent out prior to the session to gather history regarding the behaviour(s) in question, which is then reviewed in detail in advance of the consultation this includes vet history and any video footage provided. This helps Jo Hinds start to formulate a retraining or behaviour modification plan. During the consultation a detailed explanation of the behaviour causes will be provided, your goals will be discussed and steps to take moving forward. 6 months free on going support and help is regarded as an important part of the process via email and additional follow up sessions are available via telephone/video or 1:1 training sessions.

Can this be carried out by Telephone or Video?

This solution works really well, I can advise and teach everything that I would in person. Even issues relating to dog to dog aggression or being wary of strangers can be dealt with in this manner, as the initial training has to be worked on outside of these situations working with the threat at a distance. Other benefits from this kind of session is that some dog act differently when visitors are there or are fearful and bark the whole time, therefore remotely observing your dogs behaviour allows me to really see what is going on.  This service has been set up for everyone that needs help no matter where you are based UK or abroad. I can provide advice using different media: Telephone, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and more. I am flexible with technology and can use whatever method best suits you.  This facility also can offer cost savings due to removing the need for time for my travel to you.

How does payment work?

I take payment in full to secure all appointment slots in the diary and invoice will be sent with payment details.

Is there anything I should prepare in advance?

Have tiny healthy fresh treats and toys that your dog likes available for the session that can be used if required during the session and have kind and chews available. Taking notes during the session is important for you to take down what is discussed. 

In cases where dogs are nervous or have bitten visitors in the past ensure they have a safe space located so they do not feel I am heading towards them on arrival, with chews and a kong stuffed with something that encourages them to lick and a secure harness and lead a muzzle maybe necessary too, often I am the first stranger that has been into the home and often people are surprised how the dog reacts. This prevents the dog rehearsing the behaviour and of course keeps me safe.