Bernice Dunsmuir

We have used Jo twice. Once for puppy training (very nervous dog- and we were first time dog owners, keen to get it right) and again when our dog was two and getting very anxious (and therefore aggressive) because we were doing house renovations and the place was full of builders etc.

Both times Jo was brilliant. She is very calm and has a good mix of science, empathy and common sense. That is a remarkably difficult combination to find. Before Jo we found a veterinary assistant who spouted ‘science’ to us with no empathy whatsoever (it made us nervous wrecks-it was our first dog and she made us think we had a basket case), and a trainer who was more reassuring but we felt he was all old wives tales and so we didn’t actually learn how to deal with our dog and any future difficult situations.
Jo was able to explain the science, reassure us that our puppy would be alright (he was), teach us how to teach him and help us understand him.

A few months into the house renovations and our dog was acting strangely again- ‘fly-catching’ and getting a little bit aggressive with workmen who came too close and tried to pat him. The vet suggested we try a dog psychologist. I contacted Jo and we had about three sessions. She was able to who put things into perspective, help me understand what was going on in his little dog mind and therefore how to deal with the situation.

So no more ‘fly-catching’. He is, admittedly, still a dog who is a little wary when strangers get too close to him and can be a little over exuberant in his barking when anyone comes to the door, but that’s just him. It’s no biggie, and he’s so much better than he was. We feel calm and in control and are able to love him to bits and not worry about him the way we used to.

A happy ending . I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo whether you puppy is new and you need to learn the ropes, or he/she has issues.